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Antique Lumber - New Orleans, Louisiana

Old-Growth, 1st Generation Lumber. B/w the age of the tree and time in the structure, the wood is, on average, 400-600 yrs old. The only way to acquire this lumber, both SYP (heart pine) and old-growth cypress, is to reclaim it from old structures or waterways.

Custom Flooring - New Orleans, Louisiana

Antique lumber and flooring reclaimed from historic properties that are remilled, restored, and installed in newer construction and renovations.

Custom Millwork - New Orleans, Louisiana

We manufacture custom millwork of all types, both reclaimed material that we restore and reuse, or replicated from our new materials. There is not any piece that we cannot create or duplicate.

Custom Furniture - New Orleans, Louisiana

Reclaimed materials used to build unique, custom furniture pieces. Our materials and ideas or yours… Bring us your salvaged material and thoughts, and we will make the ideas come to life…

Salvage & Re-Use Wood - New Orleans, Louisiana

Restored or sold as-is to contractors, individual consumers, or other retail vendors locally and throughout the US. Doors, Windows, Transoms, Door and Window Casings, Corbels, Stair Parts, Baseboards, Shutters, Columns, Beadboard, Antique Brick, Unique Finds, and more…

Deconstruction - New Orleans, Louisiana

KEEP THESE MATERIALS OUT OF THE LANDFILLS. We deconstruct historic properties, from residential homes, to age-old cotton mills piece-by-piece, salvaging all materials for reuse in various ways.